Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall... Are you really here?

Here we are a few days into October and I've been writing from the NaBloPoMo promts about my love of Fall and all the tastes, sights and fun that accompanies this time of year.  Now this hasn't all been a bunch of hogwash, I really do love the Fall it's just been a wee bit tough to really get into the spirit when as I sit here tonight it's still 81* in good ol' South Texas.  A Pumpkin Spice cappuccino just isn't the same when you have to put ice in it because its to hot outside to enjoy it.  

So tonight I am anxiously awaiting our first cool front of the season.  By morning it should be a fabulous 58*! I can buy that cappuccino and enjoy it in that brisk cool air because by the time afternoon rolls around we will be back at 80 but that's better than 90 so it's all good!

Welcome Fall, I' ready!

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