Friday, October 4, 2013

My favorite costume of Halloween's Past...

BlogHer's NaBloPoMo October 2013 Challenge!

I was thrilled to come across the NaBloPoMo Blog Challenge!  Since I am new to the blogging world it hasn't become habit for me to post as often as I had planned to.  BlogHer has been a wealth of information for me and find this challenge at the end of September must have been destiny.  October is my favorite month of the year and always has been my time for new resolutions so here's to 31 days of posting with NaBloPoMo! 

Day four of NaBloPoMo October 2013 Challenge and the question is.  What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?  This has a very simple answer because for as long as I can remember back into those childhood years, I was always the same thing... A Black Cat!  

It was always a very simple thing, some kitty ears and a tail, a little makeup on my face for some whiskers and a pink nose and I was all set.  I've always loved animals but have a special bond with cats.  I remember as a little girl we always had lots of cats around and I had my little dog, Fefe.  I would play outside with Fefe and the cats all day.  A memory comes to mind of a house we had out in the country in the tiny town of Bonnieview, TX.  I remember sitting outside and holding Fefe or one of the cats and taking their paw to teach them how to write their names.  Funny now to think back on that and see them clearly in my mind patiently letting me pick them up, hold their paw and complete the task!  

Well a little off track of topic but I guess that's why it was always a cat costume and since it was Halloween it was a black cat for a "Witch's" cat.  Now a days my costume is being Witch and this Witch has a special Calico cat!


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